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At the end of the move, our team stop the clock and then let you know the total cost of the move.

We accept all major credit cards and cash. You don’t need to pay in advance any deposit. 

If you need to cancel or reschedule, we just ask is that you let us know asap, so we will have the opportunity to fill the spot with other move and reschedule your move according your needs. 

We do not require that you pay in advance in order to book a move with us.

If you would like to thank, your movers by offering a gratuity if they do a amazing job. The gratuity isn’t expected but certainly appreciated.

Our crews typically receive tips that are around 10 and 15% of the final bill. It’s up to you, if you believe the movers didn’t a awesome job, you don’t have to leave a tip.

Yes, you can add your tip to your bill, however, cash tips are preferred.

We completely understand, and you don’t have to worry about it. We get it. We know that moving can be expensive and sometimes it’s not fit the budget. However, our team would love to receive a review on Yelp, Google, or Facebook, a great review is very 

We work with 22 or 26 foot box trucks which typically fit the equivalent of an 1800 square foot home. This of course depends on the individual but that is a relatively good rule of thumb.

General Questions

We are busiest on weekends, during the summer, and at the end and beginning of each month. If you are moving during that time, we suggest contacting us as soon as possible and ideally with at least two weeks advance notice. There is no deposit required and no cancellation fee so we recommend getting a date locked down even if you think you may have to reschedule in the future.

If you are moving during the week or during our slower season, we typically have more availability but we still recommend letting us know as soon as possible.

The best way you can help on moving day is by making it clear what items are going, if anything is staying, where everything is going to, and just being prepared. We also recommend helping us by making sure any kids or pets are kept out of harms way!

For the most part, having non professionals work alongside our movers can potentially slows things down and cost you more money in the long run.

For morning moves we provide a 30 minute window of arrival to account for traffic conditions. For afternoon moves, the arrival window is 2 hours as it depends on when the move before it finishes. If we arrive after our time window, we immediately deduct $50 off your bill. For each additional 30 minutes we are late after that, we take an additional $25 off.

Being present and giving directions at the destination address will be the best way to ensure the move goes smoothly and everything is in its correct place. Also, making sure all the boxes are labeled correctly will help as well.

Come up with a simple labeling system like BD1 (bedroom 1) and make sure each box is clearly marked and labeled not only on the top but on at least 2 other sides. Labeling each room with a post-it at the destination (placing near the door that serves as the entry into the room) also helps to keep the rooms straight for the movers.

Of course, the movers will conduct a walkthrough at the end of the move and will make sure you are happy with where everything ended up. Don’t hesitate to ask them to move things around for you before they go!


If the dresser is not going up or down any stairs it is generally okay to keep the clothes inside. If it is going up or down stairs, we do ask that you empty the drawers completely so it is safer to move.

Regardless, it is very important that any small misc. items are removed beforehand such as glasses, jewelry, etc. Furniture items will often need to be tilted on their side or even turned over in order to be moved safely and these small items can get lost in the drawers and dresser if left inside.

Yes, we do ask that you empty filing cabinets before the move begins. Leaving items in the filing cabinets increases the chances they will be damaged during the move.

Yes, for the protection of the internal shelves of the fridge we ask that you remove everything from the fridge/freezer before it is moved. The fridge will always be one of the last things to go on the truck and one of the first things to come off. In this way, we make sure your perishable food items are out of the fridge for the shortest amount of time possible. Obviously, having a cooler handy to transport this food is the best option.

If you are moving a fridge into storage, we just need to make sure that we defrost the fridge before it gets into storage or, at the very least, be sure the leave the fridge doors slightly cracked so it can dry properly and we can avoid any mold building up.

All furniture items are padded and wrapped (or, depending on the item, banded with large rubber bands) before we ever pick it up or move it. That means that there will always be a layer of padding between your furniture and any walls, railings, or door jams that the furniture will be moved through.

Thus, by protecting the furniture, we also protect the home the furniture is being moved around in.

We protect floors that are easily damaged by laying pads in high traffic areas and spots where we will be dropping off boxes.

Yes, in fact, sometimes furniture disassembly is required in order to move a furniture item safely. Often this includes removing mirrors from dressers, taking apart beds, removing table legs, etc. Everything that we disassemble will be put back together by our team at the other end. Our movers come with their own fully stocked tool bags so they have all the tools they need and these services are included in our hourly rates.

Yes, we can disconnect and reconnect appliances. The movers will have all the tools necessary to complete the work but we are not professional plumbers. Thus, if you request the service, we will ask that you sign a waiver releasing us of any liability associated with disconnecting or reconnecting water lines and exhaust hoses.

Adding multiple destinations is not an issue at all. There are no additional charges but, obviously, driving around to multiple locations will take extra time. Since we operate on a per hour basis, that means the cost will be higher. We do not stop the clock while driving from one place to another.

Additionally, we are happy to break up the move into multiple components if that is something you prefer. We do have a 2 1/2 hour minimum on all of our moves so it may be better to do it all at once or at least in large blocks.

Also, our ability to break up the job into different days depends on our availability. If you decide you would prefer to do that, let us know as soon as possible so we can work to make the dates you request are available.

What People Think About Us


Many thanks to Home Repair experts! These guys worked very delicate and fast. There were no worries at all - neither delays, nor shortcomings! I’ll definitely use their services again. Great job!

Kaira Sairus

Home Repair is indeed a team of experts! Their Customer Service representative helped to select the correct service and the team came so quick! They are great and I’m totally pleased with their work!

Emma Stoun

I’m very glad that I’ve finally chosen Home Repair. They followed all my instruction and recommendations and at the same time did their job very quickly! Very nice and friendly personnel and accurate work.

Peter Parker